By DW Hobby | 07 March 2023 | 1 Comments

Follow-up S12 2.1M RQ-7 Test Flight

The second version of the test flight is over.
The second version optimization details are as follows:
1. Optimize the length of carbon rod. Although the cost has gone up slightly. But it reduces the size of the package by 30%
2. Modified the wing shape and added flaps. It slows down.
3. Excellent wing design, so that the stall point is reduced, even at slower speed, the aircraft is difficult to stall.
4. The fixation method of wing-fuselage carbon tube was optimized. Custom fasteners. Use quick disassembly structure.
5. Optimized wing-fuselage fixation. Use quick-break construction.
6. Optimized tail-fuselage fixation. Use 4 3D prints. Use quick-break construction.
7. Optimized fuselage carbon tube plug. Use 2 3D prints. The tail steering gear line can be easily installed.
8. Customized front/rear landing gear. More like real.
9. Customized special extension cord for steering gear. More convenient installation.

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